Music of Composer R.S. Pearson

Music of Composer R.S. Pearson

(b. 1963)

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"If you're a fan of hypnotic modality and mesmerizing synthesized sound, R.S. Pearson's music is for you! Each piece is an exploration of intuition, development, and transition." Amy Denio, Composer.

"It is very rare that manipulation and control of synthesized sound has the depth and vibrancy that I hear in R.S. Pearson's music. His recent live sets have been a real treat and I sincerely look forward to his new CD releases." Vance Galloway (Composer, Engineer).

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A good place to start out would be The Music Philosophy of R.S. Pearson

Some listener comments

Here you can see the covers of the handmade and limited-edition Regenerative Music releases.

Some Notes from the Composer

My goal in life from my early years started out to be a classical composer. I started composing music on paper at around ten years of age. I eventually got to the stage that I experimented with various new ideas and could compose or "improvise" upon those ideas while I played, so I relied on recordings. Now it is my goal to get my works on paper, which I am seeking musical/business partnerships to achieve. This web page is not a "best of" -- it is simply some kind of rotating selection of my works (sometimes rotating very slowly, I have to add). This present selection does not represent well my music that is more in the classical tradition. Most of that music is not represented on this page. I look at each composition as like facing a blank canvas. For those who know of the fine arts, it would be understandable that my favorite painter is Max Ernst.

Almost all my music -- about 99% -- is played live and without MIDI. Not all of the selections of the music that I compose will fall into the forms that I talk about in my music theory section. A lot of times I create music just to create works that sound positive, bright or mystical yet a little bit unique in some way.

I have not taken the time to engineer my music at very high digital standards, so what you get here are really just the notes of compositions. I have always been more interested and alive in the realm of the mathematics of music, not the audiophile nature of equipment or sound. This comes from having a background as a writer and being trained on piano, composing on paper from an early age.

Some rotating selections from a few of R.S. Pearson's recordings on the Regenerative Music label.

Coming Soon: hear the entire Unavoidable Axiom album from 1984.

From Release "Glass Electrode Solar System." (Composed and released 2002)

Glass Electrode Solar System(MP3)

"External Omnipotent Moments, Recalled and Haunting." (Composed 2000)(2001)

This CD started out as out-takes from two other CD's but it has become some people's favorite. It's my most "avant-pop" CD. See more selections at the link above.

First Sounds -- Let this one play through as there are two parts.
Vitamin of My Spirit.
Category Curious.

From Release "Hieroglyphic Audio." (Composed 1984-1985)

Hieroglypic Writing on Black Building(MP3)
There is No Monopoly Part 1(MP3)

From Release "Luck of Innocent Auras." (Composed 1983-1985)

God Sees the Diatoms (MP3)

From Release "Purple Martin Morning." (Composed 1995-1997)

Their Lovely Ripples(MP3)
Purple Martin Morning(MP3)
Summer Winds(MP3)A Nineteen Minute "Symphonic" Piece.
Oceanic Voice(MP3)

"Eleven London Bridges." (Composed 2000)

Saturn Hula-Hooping It's Rings (Part 1). (2000)
Saturn Hula-Hooping It's Rings (Part 2). (2000)
Saturn Hula-Hooping It's Rings (Part 3). (2000)

"Joseph Cornell's Television Show." (Composed 1983-1984)

The Law of Juxtapositions No. 2 -- MP3

From Release "Ambition Entelechy."(Composed 2002 and Released 2003)

This had studies in mimimalism, as one can here on ocassion on some of the following.

Ambition Entelarchy(MP3) Poorly realized but my favorite track on this CD.
Unity from Multiplicity 1(MP3)

From Release "Breaking Out of Aviary Reality" (Released 2005)

Summer Park Patterns(MP3)
Autumn House Lock-Out(MP3)
Happy Campers(MP3)
Breaking Out of Aviary Reality(MP3)

An interesting experiment. This is a twenty-four minute improvised piece called October First, recorded on October 1st 1984. This is a wave-to-midi transcription of it. The software analyzed the audio file and then made sheet music out of it. It threw in a few extra notes also -- another type of "generative music"?

Unreleased track "A Free Mind's Land."(MP3)
Unreleased track "Emotive Philosophy"(MP3)

Is this one of the strangest synthesizer solos known to mankind? This is part two of a 12 part suite called "Perserverance" recorded sometime around 1984-1985.

I have several new albums that I have released which just now have made it to this page. I will include selections from them now. I am now creating MP3 CDs...which are data CD's that each have 12 albums. I'm on my second one, and I project there to be at least three in the near future. I'm very interested in circulating my works, many of which are now 20 years old. I'm offering this music essentially free to film makers -- if there is a large enough budget we'll talk, otherwise, just get in touch with me.

From "Life's Scattered Gems."

This was recorded from 1994-1995 on a full sized Fatar 88 which was connected to a Kawaii rack mount unit. Some songs are more like exploratory keyboard fantasies than many of my other works. The following piece I do not consider in that vein.

Third Song(MP3)

From "Fruitful Superego Disengage"

This was recorded in 2002. It has some of my more "difficult" music on it, of which these next two songs are not examples, as they are more simple and ambient.

Arriving at a Newstand(MP3)
The Counting Cat(MP3)

From "The Leaves Fall but the Meadow is Never Full."

It's interesting how my albums all have different feels to them even though they were not consciously created this way. I merely take a series of recordings from a certain time period and put them together and when I have enough, I call it an album. Sometimes the performance is not perfect or a tape is not in perfect condition. This album has a mystical feel to it.

An Unknown Healing Science
The Wisdom Above Deception This is one of the few works I've done with overdubbing.
The Leaves Fall but the Meadow is Never Full(MP3)

From "Sweep Set."

This album has some rhythmic pieces and some organ works. Since my music was created with the idea of being reproduced and changed by other musicians, not much effort was always put into the recording quality. I see the repeating structures to be similar as in Indian music, where a single pattern keeps the time and the tone of the piece. Sometimes these repeating patterns could be modes and areas for the interpretation of other parts of the piece by the performing musician.

Organ Improvisation
Sweep Set
Experience Embracer
Searching Solar Light.mp3

End of New Releases Section Some collaborative projects I was involved with.

This is with Stephen Golovnin. I'm responsible for the soloing instrument.

"The Lion of Uncertainty"
This session was with Stephen Golovnin Clavier, Robert Pearson Clavier, Norm Sohl Theremin, Wind Controller, Robin James Unprepared Guitar. "The Lion of Uncertainty" is one of the best tracks I've done with others. It has a subtle melody that is haunting.

Ordering CD's

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