Prayer Blaster -- Submit Your Prayer Requests to Many Prayer Chains

I will make notes to help you navigate in advance on some of these forms. Most of these have anonymous forms in which you type in your prayer request. A few of these have links that you click on which will come up with an e-mail form that you fill out. A few require your name, address and e-mail addresses, or only allow you to add a very short request. The best ones allow others to see the prayer requests, so visitors can pray for all requests given.

Prayer -- A very good site that allows several users to post back and forth to each other. A bit like a Facebook for prayer.
PrayerForYou.Net - International Prayer Network
God's Healing Hands Ministry -- They have the interactive clicking that shows how many prayed. Guideposts took this feature off their site. -- Submit your own prayers or pray for others.
Brooklyn Tabernacle -- Submit your own prayers and can read requests to pray for others.
Maine's Prayer Request Page -- A site that lists other's requests online.
Assemblies of God National Prayer Center
Poor Clare Sisters -- From their website: "It is our joy to join with you in prayer and to present your needs to our loving God"
Flame Ministries
Franciscan Friars -- Has articles on prayer as well as a very simple to fill out prayer request form.
A Prayer Request Ministry -- Looks like it is more of a private church's list.
True Grace Ministries Prayer Chapel -- Was not working last time tested. Also has music playing which you can turn off by finding the pause button on the player.
Monastery of the Holy Spirit
American Catholic | Submit Prayer Intentions -- Seems to go to the same website as above.
Benedictine Contemplative Nuns
Upper Room Ministries | Living Prayer Center -- They changed their prayer wall and now it has no function except to list the pray request.
Archdiocese of St. Louis: Prayer Requests
Praying Church Home Page.
Greater Grace Prayer Chain -- Also has a section that lists other's prayers but one needs a special newsgroup reader for it.
Guideposts/ -- It looks like they now also have a prayer app. -- Has a frequented area where you can pray for other's needs. It notes each person who say they pray, so you can see how much each need was prayed for. -- A good site where you can pray for other's needs. It allows each person to leave a note who pray.
CBN -- Has a 1-800 prayer request line. A live site that has an instant feed and many others' pray for the requests.
Prayer Chain-- Site has gone down recently, leaving it here if it comes back up soon. Has a frequented area where you can pray for other's needs. It notes each person who say they pray, so you can see how much each need was prayed for.

Some Thoughts on Prayer

If God answers prayer, and if the relationship to God is the reason why we are created and are made to live through all our joys and struggles, then praying for ourselves and others is one of the most important things in life. How we accept God's response to prayer, how we value it, what kind of gratitude we have towards it, is a part of its reality. We can ask, God can respond miraculously, but if we are weak and doubt we can destroy a part of the response. The answer to prayer seems to continue through a stage of our gratitude for it over time for it to fully manifest.

When we pray, do we fully imagine the need totally met? Do we hope one hundred percent that the prayer will be answered graciously by God, and that people will be healed one hundred percent? When we ask for prayer for ourselves, do we accept an 80% healing and think that this is good enough, or do we continue to pray until we are fully healed and abundantly healthy? Do we learn to change our behavior so that we can stay healthy? That means, of course, eating well, exercising, relaxing muscles, deep breathing, fresh air, forgiveness, and positive, loving, and joyful thoughts. I am not saying that every prayer for healing will be answered by God healing that person. I am only writing about helping the intention of the one doing the praying. This is something I myself have to work on so I wonder if others also need help with this.

If prayer can change a person's life and even the world, then we should study prayer and pray. I think we limit what God can do in the world by how we limit what we pray for and the frequency in which we pray. God often only works in our world "by permission" and by having things "pointed out" to Him.

See also: 25 PRACTICAL TIPS TO HELP THOSE FACING A SERIOUS ILLNESS Tips for anyone to help those who are seriously ill. Family with loved ones, friends, acquaintences, and caregivers here have good advice to be a true help to the needy.

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